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Hygiene was the start of our journey. We wanted to also add value and support the hospitality world and don’t believe disposable menus are the way forward.

HYMENU will allow your customers to self serve, ordering food directly from their table – helping reduce contact, saving on staffing costs and all without the need of q menu ordering App.

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Your menu will pop up on your client’s phone the moment they trigger the HYMENU sensor. Giving them swift access to your menu without the need to download a menu ordering app. Using cutting edge technology and science the HYMENU restaurant ordering manager will communicate directly with your EPOS till system and send order details through to the kitchen.

It is already well known that when customers use self-service tills they spend more, but did you know that you don’t need to break the bank to offer it. Why spend thousands of screens when all of your customers have one in their back pocket? Better yet they feel at ease and it overcomes a Hygiene issue.

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Real-time data you can act on. We appreciate that you may want to drive your own restaurant order taking app forward don’t worry we can help with that. Our contactless HYMENU can send all customers straight to your App or App store.  The truth is not everyone wants the app – unless its a freebie and your missing data.

HYMENU is a web-based self service App that is capable of data capture – giving key information to you and your customers more memory.  Lets talk about your data capture needs.

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